Seven Bridges Advisors provides an independent, full-service investment office for institutions, individuals and families. We strive to give our clients the same depth of investment resources typically available only to leading endowments, with the customized client service of a family office. Our team sources and evaluates a wide variety of investments across the entire range of markets, assets and strategies. We offer customized investment portfolios, emphasizing downside protection with upside participation.


    • + Experienced investors leverage extensive networks
    • + Extensive quantitative and qualitative due diligence
    • + Broad asset class coverage
    • - Budget constrains talent hiring and retention
    • - Investment decisions often influenced by peers
    • - Co-investment with clients unusual
    • Experienced institutional team with wide reaching network
    • Pairs quantitative and qualitative research with judgment
    • Dynamic asset allocation across all attractive asset classes
    • Dynamic asset allocation across all attractive asset classes Investment team comprised of top industry talent
    • Investing alongside clients helps to minimize conflicts

    • Leverages broad industry contacts +
    • Evaluation based primarily on judgment +
    • Co-investment with clients commonplace +
    • Limited asset class coverage -
    • Lack of focus on research and analytics -